Tarasheh Pajoohan Arian

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Arian Industry Group started its activity in the field of industrial automation in 1981. The general strategy of the company is to produce and supply advanced machines for the plastics industry. The services provided by this company include consulting in the field of design, construction, supply and production of machinery and equipment for the plastics industry, as well as performing industrial projects. The management has always tried to keep all the experts of this company up to date in terms of technical knowledge and to have a continuous presence in specialized courses appropriate to their activities, both inside and outside the country. In the products offered by this company, our main criterion is quality and in this regard, we have tried to provide customer needs from the products of reputable and reliable companies.

Consulting and training before and after the purchase and providing after-sales service based on the views and needs of the customer is at the top of the company’s activities. The design and construction department of the company, by using trained and expert specialists who have various certificates from reputable companies in various fields, designs and manufactures machines based on the real needs of the customer. And finally, after years of experience, we have learned to always be honest with you in the implementation of industrial projects.