Robotic vector robot with two vertical and telescopic axes suitable for halls with short ceilings

  • Servo motor and linear rails for the three axles and adjusted by 0.1 mm precision software
  • Manufacturing all parts using CNC
  • Power transmission in servo motors with solar gearbox
  • Y-axis simultaneous movement capability
  • Simple and compact design for the Y axis for minimal space
  • It has various sensors to increase system capability and safety
  • Suitable for spaces with short ceilings
  • Use special lightweight aluminum profiles for the least stress
  • Use aluminum polymers and powerlocks to produce low inertia and high rotational accuracy
  • Install the label table on top of the machine
  • Designed without factory space
  • Labeling ability and vector fragment separately
  • Low noise and very low power consumption
  • Support for the Euromep 12 protocol
  • Ability to install on cars without the Euromep system
  • Supply for spare parts and accessories
  • Ability to install cutting equipment
  • 2 times the vertical axis speed
  • Made with the best European and Taiwanese brand accessories
  • Has one year warranty and ten years after-sales service
  • Using connectorse all parts
  • Can be installed on a variety of large and small devices
  • Use of servo brake motors for safety
  • Ability to install IML alternatives